Swasthvritta And Yoga


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The primary aim of Ayurveda is to preserve the health of healthy individuals. It lays down all the preventive principles for maintaining a healthy life, known as Swasthavritta. It mainly focuses on prevention and precaution. In short, it is the preventive medicine of Ayurveda which mainly deals with personal hygiene, social hygiene, communicable and non-communicable diseases with their prevention, community medicine, etc.

Along with Swasthavritta, it also deals with Yoga and Naturopathy. Yoga is the nectar of Ayurveda which mainly deals with the ancient art of yoga and its principles for maintaining a long healthy life. Yogasana and Pranayama are the main pillars of Yoga for attaining a healthy life. Naturopathy is a drugless system of healing based on Panchabhoutic philosophy which builds harmony in man with the constructive principles of Nature and has great health promotive, disease preventive, curative, as well as restorative potential. Hence, the department of Swasthavritta and Yoga is a combination of personal hygiene, social hygiene, Yoga, and Naturopathy.