Seva Sanstha

Shree Siddheshwar Hanumanji Seva Sanstha

The Establishment of Sanstha dates back to 2013 When Sanstha was Founded by Dr Pankaj Patel. This Sanstha revolves around him.

Dr. Pankaj Patel recognized the need for fertility treatments accessible to less privileged families. His determination and dedication to make healthcare accessible for all laid the foundation for “Shree Siddeshwar Hanumanji Seva Sanstha ” and Janseva Hospital was founded.


In addition to providing free medical services, Sanstha actively engages in community outreach programs. We collaborate with local organisations, educational institutions, and community centres to raise awareness about health issues, conduct health camps, and provide preventive healthcare services. Our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases.


Our Vision

To Help Poor and Needy To Improve Their Life Through Holistic Healing Treatment.

Our Aim

To Import knowledge regarding medical and surgical facilities for the benefit of patients To be a center of excellence for education of ayurveda with all required modern skill to achieve holistic health in community

Our Mission

HEALTH FOR ALL Spread Happiness to every people. Save a Life Through Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Development.


To provide awareness, basic knowledge and skill in the field of ayurvedic To Import a comprehensive training in enforcement practices as well as laboratory works and plantation of medicinal and aromatic plants in qualitative approachy

Shree Siddheshwar Hanumanji Seva Santha
Shree Siddheshwar Hanumanji Seva santha
Shree Siddheshwar Hanumanji Seva Santha